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Aloe barbadensis miller or aloe vera for short is a succulent plant belonging to Asphodelaceae family of plants.

Aloe vera has long been recognized for it's healing properties. In ancient cultures such as the Egyptians just to name one...they called it the plant of immortality. From Cleopatra to Alexander the Great this plant holds it's place in history as a medicinal plant. It's even been said that Christopher Columbus and his crew used this plant to heal wounds during their travels.

Aloe vera is another easy plant to maintain and use as a source of readily available nutrients for your garden as well.

Aloe contains vitamins,minerals,enzymes and 20 different amino acids. Saponins and the fatty acid lupeol which are antiseptic. Lignins that help with the process of photosynthesis. As well as hormones,auxins and gibberellins. Salicylic acid is another component of aloe. A majority of your commercial face moisturizers and lotions contain salicylic acid. Many of the expensive cloning gels on the market also contain salicylic acid. That is why aloe vera makes a great cloning gel for your cuttings.

8 enzymes like alliase,alkaline,phosphatase,amylase,bradykinase,carboxypeptidase

catalase,cellulase,lipase and peroxidase

Minerals like calcium,chromium,copper,selenium,magnesium,manganese,potassium

sodium and zinc.

Aloe can be used fresh off the plant or can be dehydrated into powder form. We use the inside of a filet in our watering schedule.

If for some reason you do not have access to an aloe plant you can find several sources on line that sell them in both gel and powder form. Just make sure it is a pure source of aloe with absolutely zero additives.

One company we recommend is Lily of the Desert. Pure 100 percent filet. They do not sponsor us in any way. This is a product we have used and stand by the quality of it and we like the results.

Application rates are 1 tsp per gallon of non chlorinated water.

Use as a foliar spray first thing in the morning or as a soil drench.

Weekly or bi-weekly

If using in powder form wear gloves when mixing...due to the laxative effects of aloe.

We hope you enjoyed a look inside the aloe plant. The purpose of this blog is to show you cheap and inexpensive ways to enhance your gardens performance without the use of synthetic salts and fertilizers. Nutrient dense foods are possible without creating non beneficial run off that harms our waterways and water tables.

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