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Here's the dirt...on soil.

Obviously one of the first decisions when starting your garden in containers or raised beds is what brand of soil to purchase.

Everyone has their own opinion and personal preference of soil manufacturers. Discussions in online forums and among fellow growers can not only be filled with misinformation but they tend to be quite heated as well. We hope to help clear a few things up and help you make an informed decision when planning your next garden.

We encourage you to do some research and make your own soil from resources in your local area. The micro organisms are already established and adapted to your area and conditions.

There are many soil companies out there and it's impossible for us to cover all of them in this blog. So the ones we will be focusing on here are Royal Gold all three blends..Roots Organics/707..Ocean Forest and Soil Kings Big Rootz.

One thing we would like to point out is no matter what company you choose you will find someone complaining about fungus gnats online.

This is not always the manufacturers fault. It could happen during the bagging could happen during could happen from being stored at your local garden center. We have not found any in our bagged soils we have purchased in the past.

However we have over watered our garden and created conditions for them to thrive in in the past regardless of soil brands.

We will first list what ingredients these brands share as well as what makes them stand out individually.

All contain bat guano.

All contain fish bone meal

All contain age composted forest material

All contain coco except for Ocean Forest

All contain perlite except for Royal Gold Kings Mix and Big Rootz.

All contain kelp except for Ocean Forest ( which I don't understand being it thrives in the ocean.)

Royal Gold uses chicken manure in it's Mendo Mix while worm castings is used in all the other brands mentioned.

All contain feather meal except for Ocean Forest

Big Rootz and Royal Gold contain dolomite.

Big Rootz and Roots Organics contain green sand.

Now what makes each one of them stand out is the following:

Ocean Forest contains shrimp and crab meal (chitin)

Soil Kings Big Rootz contains ligna, red wood peat, neem meal,glacial rock dust and volcanic ash,langbenite.

Royal Gold contains basalt,gypsum,lava rock,bone meal.

Roots Organics and Royal Gold contain alfalfa except for Kings Mix

Roots Organics also contains soybean meal.

This breakdown does not cover each brands complete ingredient lists. There are a few sulfates not mentioned as well as humic sources.

Like we mentioned above we encourage you to make your own soil. But if you are going to purchase soil we hoped this helps guide you in your decision.

In our opinion if we were to purchase a bagged soil we feel Soil Kings Big Rootz is the most complete bagged soil.

That being said since we make our own soil we start with a base of Ocean Forest and then heavily amend it and allow it to age and become ph stable. We feel that due to the few ingredients in their soil it is best for us to build upon.

No matter which brand you choose we have seen success from growers everywhere within the gardening community. It's all based on what is available and what budget you have to work with. Grab a bag and get growing!! May your harvest be bountiful!!

We were not compensated or sponsored in any shape or form by any of the companies mentioned above.

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