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The Difference in Bat Guano

The uses of various animal manures in agriculture has been practiced for centuries. From cattle to seabirds,poultry..rabbits...alpacas..and BATS!

Bat guano is a common ingredient in most organic bagged commercial soils. Bat guano is a great addition to aerated compost tea recipes.There are different forms of bat guano depending on species, diet and habitat.

Bats with a diet consisting mainly of insects tend to be higher in nitrogen. While bats with a diet mainly of fruits will be higher in phosphorus. Depending on what stage the plant is in will depend on which one is right for that stage of growth.

While some controversy may exist with the harvesting habits of bat guano. There is also two sides to every argument with truth laying somewhere in the middle.

Opponents of bat guano harvesting argue that it is done with slave labor and commonly performed by children in third world countries. While it may or may not be the case..unless it can proven that it is done by gun point and not voluntary..then such allegations cannot be proven as facts.

The other side of the argument is perhaps we should consider that it provides food to put on families tables? If an agreement has been made between two parties and both sides have mutual benefits then what is the harm? Bottom line is regardless of how we farm or live our lives an argument can be made on what is and what isn't sustainable. The same applies to morality.

That's why it is up to the individual to do research before purchasing anything. If a company or product does not fit your situation or your moral values you do not have to support them. But the choice to do so should not be shunned or frowned upon either.

For more info research the Guano Islands Act enacted in 1856 courtesy of Alexander Von Humboldt.

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